Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And so it begins!!

My very first post! Why did I start blogging all of a sudden you might wonder....but then if I were not blogging you might as well wonder why dont I start a blog! The title of my blog explains precisely why this blog has been created....bas yun hi!! Though there might be an ulterior motive to this...the way my life has changed in the past few weeks I wud soon be needing a means to vent my emotions :) or maybe the motive is to start a new cult with me as the leader where in I type encrypted orders on this blog and my followers reply with encrypted comments!!

Where was I..yes my life..Life has changed and changed a lot! Its much more hectic than what it used to be during those golden undergraduate years back at IIT Kanpur..Now that I look back at all those days, I feel that it probably was the best time of my life! But then those who are quoted were particularly optimistic about the future as if everyone is bound to have a better tomorrow! As one of those stupid Lucy Larcom quotes said “Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.” What the heck, even I can come up with quotes like these..but then who would quote me!! What I have learnt from my experience is the exact opposite of this shitty quote and can be summed up as “Whatever with the past has gone, the worst is always yet to come.” Just when you feel that life cant be much more miserable than wat it is, you find yourself in deeper shit than before!

Talking of quotes have u guys taken a look at this hillarious webpage
This same site has some interesting comments on IITs as well

Another thing which I feel is that there is always a quote related to anything and everything. This is because once a person becomes famous everything he says is quoted by others whether or not there is any sense in it. See for example this quote by Douglas Adams "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. " Dont you think you could have very well said something as foolish, come on if not potatoes you could have atleast blurted something like this with say tomatoes, onions or maybe strawberries!! But the point is why qoute.... express things in your own way rather than borrowing someone else's expression ! If you really need to quote someone quote me! Come to me with anything you need a quote on and I'll help you if you cant help yourself!


Anonymous said...

Pranaam guruji!Arre aap tou kuch zyaada hi senti ho gaye..c'mmon yar sitaron ke aage jahan aur bhi hai..so chil ot n tak lif as it cums...lif'z 2 shrt 2 njy so njy evry bit of it..

Hina said...

maine likha hai mat gabhra beta...

Aditya said...

Excellent job Joshi ! Superb !
Is blog ne hame community ko aur Jaandaar banane ka utsaah diya hai..

jj said...

dhanyawad aapka!!

Abhinav said...

very well written!!
but what has happened to u.. u never sounded so disappointed.. what hav these michigan people done to u???

jj said...

hehe! u dont have to worry abt me! not disappointed at all..believe me!

vivek bhownani said...

must say bhai saab ! you have an ocean inside..ready to inundate all around !

jj said...

Thanks a lot :)!

SAJAL said...

gr8 man....
but tell one thing...
u made a community....
' ur my frnd naa....'
where has it gone

jj said...

Such a community was never made by me!! Though I wud like to make one if no such community exists :P!!

Psingh said...

Chaap rahe ho be Joshi tum to. Mujhe nahin pata tha kee mere bed ke bagal main itna mota heera sota hai :D
But really, these are good creations of yours.

jj said...

so u finally got the time to read my blog!! tareef ke liye dhanyawad :)!

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