Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The less fortunate ones

Sitting outside the temple they play their little games...Trying to live the times that never were and perhaps never would be....In their imaginary world they get to live their dreams....they get to be the kings, the queens, the engineers and the doctors...They drive their own cars and eat good food.. Just then, a man emerges from the gate of the temple and they rush towards him in the hope of getting something to eat and if they are lucky the man might actually give them some money to buy some bread for the night....

But the man it seems is in no mood of parting with either the sweets that he brought as the offerings, or the money. He tries to ignore their pleas and quickly move on....One of the children holds his hand in the process and his action is met with an angry "Don't touch me"....The child persists and the guy slaps him, moving quickly towards his car, leaving behind the crying child....His friends gather around him trying to console him...."You can be the king this time," says one of them hoping to cheer him up.... The crying child wipes his tears and gets ready to go back to his imaginary world, far far away from the harsh realities.......

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


मैं भी एक घॊड़ा हूं िबलकुल अापकी तरह
बचपन से ही मुझे िज़ंदगी की राह पर दौड़ना िसखा िदया गया था
तबसॆ आज तक बहुत लम्बा सफर तय कर चुका हूँ
बहुत से मुकाम हािसल िकयॆ..
बहुत से घोड़ों को पीछे भी छोड़ा..
इसी दौड़ में तमाम उम्र काट दी
हाँ एक बार रुक कर कुछ देर िज़ंदगी को िजया भी था मैने..
मगर रुकना भी क्या ज़माने को रास आया है कभी
कस दी गयी लगाम..
और घॊड़ा िफर सॆ दौड़ पड़ा..