Saturday, December 01, 2007


कभी कभी जब थक जाता हूँ इस रोज़ की भागम-भाग से...
तो देख लेता हूँ चाँद को...
रोज़ आता है नाइट शिफ्ट पर...
महीने में सिर्फ एक दिन की छुट्टी..
और कभी शिक़ायत तक नहीं करता।


फुटपाथ पर सोना आसान नहीं होता...
वो भी भूखे पेट..
आँखे मींचनी पड़ती हैं, नींद आये न आये..
वर्ना चाँद दिख जाता है...
कम्बख्त रोटी की याद दिला देता है ना।


चाँदनी से बुन लेता हूँ अक्सर सपनों की एक चादर सी...
जिसे ओढ़ के सो लेता हूँ चैन से कुछ देर..
हर सवेरे आ जाता है मगर हकीक़त का सूरज...
और खो जाती है मेरी चादर...
उसकी रौशनी में कहीं।


रात को सिगरेट जलाये अक़्सर चाँद को देखा करता हूँ ...
वो भी तो मेरी तरह कितना तन्हा है ...
जैसे अपनी ही चाँदनी में तलाश रहा हो किसी को ...
चाँदनी में साफ़ नज़र आता है मुझे उसकी तन्हाई का दर्द ...
मेरी सिगरेट का धुंँआ भी चाँद तक पंहुचता होगा क्या ?

Friday, November 30, 2007


"बात तो हम सबसे करते हैं, ये जो खामोशी है ना ये बड़ी कीमती होती है, सबसे बाँटी नहीं जाती।" यही कहा करती थी न तुम....

आज भी उन खामोशियों में ढूंढा करता हूँ ऐसी कई बातें जो तुम शायद कह नहीं पायी, या मैं समझ ना सका.....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Woke up at 5:30 pm...Had a coffee....going back to is good!

Woke up at 10:00 am....f*** the alarm, I need some sleep....shit! I'm late for the meeting....sweet, I can sleep some is good!

Woke up at 1:00 pm....can't sleep more, need to go for this meeting...done with the meeting....can go back to is still good!

Man, I love my life...I wish it remains like this forever!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hip-Hop Watch :D

Any takers for this one? Prices slashed down from 999 to 299 :)!! I wonder why...

Friday, August 10, 2007

EuPhodDiya ??

Remember the debut song of Euphoria the band? Here is a Bhojpuri attempt at recreating the magic....finally got the video for this one! Hilarious hilarious video.let me assure you they don't come much better than this :D

Rinkiya ke paaapa hi hi hi hi hans dele :D

All hail the mighty Manoj Tiwari....

Thursday, June 21, 2007


"When we grow up, I will marry you.", he used to say when they were kids, and even now he wonders sometimes. He ran into her yesterday, after so many years. One look at her, and he knew she wonders as well.....


"We are just friends," they used to say. And yet when she got married, he felt betrayed, and she felt as if she had betrayed him.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


"Alright then, I will see you at the reunion. You are coming ...right?", and he did not know what to say....Putting down the phone he thought to himself if he really wanted to attend his school reunion. Not that he was unpopular at school or anything...He had his group of friends and he did have his share of fun at school. Just that the mention of school reminded him of Jagruti Babu, and how he used to ill-treat him.

Jagruti Babu was his maths teacher, who took an instant dislike to him for no apparent reason. If anything went wrong, he was the one to be blamed for it. Even if he did well in the examinations, it never showed up in his results due to the strange dislike of the teacher. And then his parents would never believe him when he told them that the teacher intentionally deducted his marks. This gave his confidence a major jolt, and gradually he turned into a timid and cold-footed guy, never quite sure of himself. It took him quite some time to get back to his normal self after the school days were over.

But it was such a long time ago, and he was not even sure if Jagruti Babu would be around any more....Also, it would be interesting to see how his batch-mates were doing....And so he found himself attending the reunion and more importantly liking it....It was good catching up with old mates and remembering the school days....The classes they bunked, the games they played, the occasional fire crackers in the toilets, how they "helped" each other in the exams, how they teased the girls...and the transition from there to the mature adults that they were now....Who would have thought that Rohan who shared his lunch with the girls and never ever played even a single sport would end up becoming an army-man....or that the backbenchers and major troublemakers would have transformed into hardworking professionals.....It was good to see the teachers after such a long time......Some of the old-timers were still around...All in all it was a fun evening.

But the best part for him was to see an irritated Jagruti Babu looking frantically for his lost glasses.....There was a group of students assisting him in the search and they bore the brunt of his anger every now and then....After searching for a good two or three hours, he left complaining of a terrible headache....Although he enjoyed the sufferings of Jagruti Babu, he could not help but notice the helpless look on the teacher's face which looked very old and pale....

Finally the evening drew to a close, and he planned on having a few drinks with a couple of close friends....As they were leaving someone informed them about the cricket match between the alumni and the present students and asked him if he would like to play...He agreed almost immediately ....With one of his hands in his pocket clutching Jagruti Babu's glasses, the idea of coming back to the school didn't seem all that bad anymore.......

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The less fortunate ones

Sitting outside the temple they play their little games...Trying to live the times that never were and perhaps never would be....In their imaginary world they get to live their dreams....they get to be the kings, the queens, the engineers and the doctors...They drive their own cars and eat good food.. Just then, a man emerges from the gate of the temple and they rush towards him in the hope of getting something to eat and if they are lucky the man might actually give them some money to buy some bread for the night....

But the man it seems is in no mood of parting with either the sweets that he brought as the offerings, or the money. He tries to ignore their pleas and quickly move on....One of the children holds his hand in the process and his action is met with an angry "Don't touch me"....The child persists and the guy slaps him, moving quickly towards his car, leaving behind the crying child....His friends gather around him trying to console him...."You can be the king this time," says one of them hoping to cheer him up.... The crying child wipes his tears and gets ready to go back to his imaginary world, far far away from the harsh realities.......

PS:- Join this if you have not done so already.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


मैं भी एक घॊड़ा हूं िबलकुल अापकी तरह
बचपन से ही मुझे िज़ंदगी की राह पर दौड़ना िसखा िदया गया था
तबसॆ आज तक बहुत लम्बा सफर तय कर चुका हूँ
बहुत से मुकाम हािसल िकयॆ..
बहुत से घोड़ों को पीछे भी छोड़ा..
इसी दौड़ में तमाम उम्र काट दी
हाँ एक बार रुक कर कुछ देर िज़ंदगी को िजया भी था मैने..
मगर रुकना भी क्या ज़माने को रास आया है कभी
कस दी गयी लगाम..
और घॊड़ा िफर सॆ दौड़ पड़ा..

Monday, April 09, 2007

What if

He stared absent-mindedly at the ceiling, having already given up trying to sleep long ago. Such sleepless nights were quite frequent given the tension between him and his if the tensions of his professional life were not enough! Look at her snoring away peacefully after robbing my peace of mind, he thought to himself as he turned and looked at her with contempt. He got up and fixed himself a drink in the hope of easing some of the tension....

Staring at the half empty glass, he thought of all the good times....the times spent in her company....Even after so many years, her memory did not fail to bring a faint smile on his face...She was his best friend, perhaps no one else was closer to him than her.....He loved her beyond limits, but never had the courage to get down on his knees and do the needful.... There was this fear of losing her...perhaps she did not think of him that way....What if, he thought to himself....what if I had proposed to her!! Does she even think about me now, he wondered....perhaps not...She would be way too busy with her own life...Its been what...some five, maybe six years since we last met.....How time flies.....

Miles away, she looked out of the window staring into the darkness...thinking about him! What if.......she thought to herself!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sawan the love season :D

Please take a look at this absolutely fantabulous piece of musical creation....Wonder how I missed this one!! Lyrical marvel indeed....
"Maine pyar kiya tumhe reason se..
Bas love hi hai reason...
Sawan the love season ."

Reminds me of how dogs go crazy during their mating season :)!!

PS:- Do not miss this one !! That makes it two awesome videos for the day :)

PPS:- The second video is way too civilized and long for Somani(the moron with a ladylike first name, who leaves these great comments) to appreciate it!! so here is another lyrical marvel for Somani....also notice the amazing choreography and the expressions of the dancers in the background..priceless!!
"Ab na milahiyein kauno ladki se nazariya..
kitna uu kahein I love u sanvariya " :D

Friday, March 09, 2007


"Uncle, Uncle ..please suggest a name for my new doll", asked his niece while he was engrossed in reading the newspaper.
"Call him Natkhat"..he answered absent mindedly.
"What!! who names a doll Natkhat....please come up with a good one!!" ,exclaimed the kid.
"How about calling him Noddy? You enjoy reading his books, right?",suggested his nephew..A suggestion which was taken whole heartedly by the little girl.

Seriously, who names a doll Natkhat, he thought to himself. But the name sure did seem to ring a bell. Was it the name of a pet, or a toy maybe.... Not that he remembered anything by that name..
"Bhaisahab, does the name Natkhat sound familiar to you? I wonder how I came up with it all of a sudden...", he enquired turning towards his elder brother. "Why, it was that doll of yours...the talking doll..remember? The one which you liked so kept talking to it all the time!"

And then it all came back to him. Natkhat was a gift from his uncle on his tenth birthday. It was a pretty large doll, clad in a blue shirt and a black pant with a weird, rather depressing smile on its face. But the most important thing was that it could talk, or repeat what was recorded in it. On pressing one of its palms, it would record the voice....and repeated it on pressing the other.

He used to be rather sad ever since they moved to this new town....Leaving all the friends behind was difficult for him and what made it even more difficult was the fact the kids at school took an instant dislike to him. But with Natkhat coming into his life, things started to get better. In Natkhat he found a companion that he so badly needed. He would discuss all kinds of things with Natkhat, and Natkhat would never share his secrets with others. Natkhat used to tell him fantastic tales about fairies, and kings, and demons, and heroes.... This doll was so much more interesting than any of the friends that he ever had....But no one would believe him when he told them about how Natkhat narrated these incredible tales and cracked such funny jokes. Even Natkhat would not speak in front of others....Perhaps Natkhat was shy and liked to speak only to him.....And so he would lock himself up in his room all day long and spend the time talking to Natkhat....

Initially, his parents were relieved with the changes which the doll had brought about. But slowly they started to get worried as he would do nothing except talking to Natkhat. On being forced to go out and play with other kids, he would sneak back into his room as soon as possible. So, in order to divert his attention, they brought home a dog... But he never liked the dog, and still spent almost all of his time with Natkhat. And then one day he came back home and rushed to his room only to find that Natkhat was not there. He frantically searched for the doll everywhere but it was nowhere to be found... Finally, he found Natkhat in the backyard..torn apart by the dog. He stared at Natkhat in dismay....took him back to the room and tried talking to him but all in vain...Natkhat would not answer him back ..the dog killed Natkhat! He cried and cried for so many days....And then he put Natkhat in a big plastic box and buried him under the old Neem tree in the backyard... He even wrote a letter in which he expressed how much he would miss Natkhat and put it inside the box for Natkhat to read....

His chain of thoughts was interrupted when Bhabhi called him for breakfast. What a pathetic loser I was as a child, imagined all kind of weird stuff and could manage no better friends than a lame doll, he thought to himself and smiled. As he looked out, his gaze fell on this Neem tree and it was then that the idea of digging out the box struck him. He thought it would be funny to read the foolish letter of his (if it was still intact) , and maybe Natkhat would talk to him again after having read his rather emotional letter....he laughed at this little joke of his and went for the breakfast. As soon as he was done with the breakfast he rushed towards the backyard and set out to dig the spot under the tree...It did not take much digging to unearth the plastic box.... With a strange excitement he started removing the lid....He flinched and threw the box away in terror, letting out a gasp followed by a loud shriek , while his eyes were fixed on the ground where the half open box lay with a human skeleton inside it, about the size of a doll !!!