Sunday, April 06, 2008

nice song

I somehow missed this little gem. Great composition by Rahman, and lyrics are obviously by Gulzar...
Here is a translation..

This is where the original post ended...but on second thoughts let me update this one to include a bunch of recent songs that I liked. The thing is that I am working for a change, and need continuous music in the background. Now, I don't really pay attention to the nuances at such times and so I explore new songs in the hope that I may come across some good ones. I use the term "new" loosely here, because some of the songs might even be an year or so old. Its just that I don't work that often, and stick to my tried and tested stuff at other times...So here are a couple more songs that I liked..

Check out the song Janu na from the movie Eklavya. Two singers with entirely different voice textures come together to create a memorable song. Thanks to Psingh for this one.
Another song that I absolutely loved was aaoge jab tum from the movie Jab We Met..

I will be working for another week or so, and will update this post if and when I come across other nice ones. In the meanwhile, do suggest any good songs that you can think of.


DufusMaximus said...

Thanks for the link, me missed it too. Very clean vocals and melody ...

jj said... the lyrics are great as well