Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sawan the love season :D

Please take a look at this absolutely fantabulous piece of musical creation....Wonder how I missed this one!! Lyrical marvel indeed....
"Maine pyar kiya tumhe reason se..
Bas love hi hai reason...
Sawan the love season ."

Reminds me of how dogs go crazy during their mating season :)!!

PS:- Do not miss this one !! That makes it two awesome videos for the day :)

PPS:- The second video is way too civilized and long for Somani(the moron with a ladylike first name, who leaves these great comments) to appreciate it!! so here is another lyrical marvel for Somani....also notice the amazing choreography and the expressions of the dancers in the background..priceless!!
"Ab na milahiyein kauno ladki se nazariya..
kitna uu kahein I love u sanvariya " :D


Ananya said...

hahaha...saw the videos...its nice to see Bollywood touching new heights in innovation... :)where do you find these things frm?

jj said...

lets just say I come across them :)